We are looking for help, as every year, for the 43th Open Air Filmfestival Weiterstadt.

About 200 films, workshops, a champagne reception for filmmakers, film poetry slam and more: same procedure as every year in Weiterstadt, and all this is done by a little crew of crazy film addicts who will not see a penny for all their work.

Why not join this crazy team? Either as a helping hand, or with  an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship will give you an insight in the organization of an international short film festival. There are lot's of intere

sting possibilities of working  for us, and you ' ll be working with a great team!
Partly people who helped  us are leaving, and in some fields we just need a bit more helping hands. Anyway, there is a lot of work which has to be done!

Help would be very much appreciated in all kind of fields, like general organization before the festival starts, setting up on the outdoor location, where the festival takes place, different jobs during the festival, and, also, taking everything down  (including the big screen) afterwards.

There is a already a lot of work in our office which needs to be taken care of:

  • preparing /organizing  the whole festival
  • taking care of applications of films
  • administering  & updating our film data base
  • correspondence with filmmakers

During the festival, we are organized in any number of sections:

  • printing, writing and translating for our illustrated catalogue of the festival
  • sponsoring
  • finance
  • press & media relations, social media
  • tec support stuff (such as projection & sound)
  • location manager
  • moderation
  • merchandise
  • food & beverage (filmmakers, guests & our team)
  • music (there is a band playing every night)
  • taking care of filmmakers, guest relations

... and these are only a few things which need to be taken care of regularly!

Also showing a film to the public can be learned in Weiterstadt!

We can handle flexible working hours, you can join us for some weeks, or even longer, as part of an apprenticeship or  just  because you feel the need to support a festival, which is entirely organized and done on a voluntary basis.

A good knowledge of English would be great, because we are showing films from all over the world, so our correspondence normally is in English.

If your free time is in August only: We'll start setting everything up outdoors on August, 3th 2019. 

The festival time is  8th - 12th of August 2019.

And we will take everything down, including the big screen,  from 12 - 15th of August 2019.

Our team normally meets once per month, starting from June 2019 once per week.

We are a funny bunch of chaotic people and we would be pleased to get to know YOU.

Please contact Nina Friemann, Andreas Heidenreich and Alexandra Zotzel for all questions and applications.